A Homly Stay...

An Authentic Dining Experience

The free flow of water while splashing on to rocks and boulders make such a pleasing sound. How unforgettable would it be to enjoy a mouth-watering meal listening to that sound, while relaxing by the river bank? Our guests will have a unique experience alongside the smoothly flowing Rakwana River in addition to the tantalizing array of dishes ready fulfill their cravings. Our Incredibly talented chefs can match your appetite for various delicacies with their magical touch and fresh ingredients engulfed with local spices.
Sri Lankan traditional meals, BBQ and of course our A la carte menu will bring the cuisines you are ever fond of. Do not forget to explore our collection of exquisite wines as you settle at ease with nature and our delectable tastes.

River Camp will prepare special dining arrangements upon your request

BBQ Dinner

Intensify the taste of BBQ as you enjoy the natural beauty around Rakwana River.


An appetizing meal for anyone who wish to indulge in a peaceful dinner dimmed by the faint flames of candles.

The Dining Pavilion

Our dining pavilion is dedicated to guests who enjoy the meals as a group.

Buffet & Á la carte

The traditions are never lost in our buffet and you can always expect your favorite gourmet in our A la Carte menu.